The Art of Painting in Light

Over time, the arts of writing kept evolving. In this process Lightgraff reveals :

After the use of stones, reeds, feathers, paintings... It is time for light. However, made in three dimensions and without any visual cues, these alternatives are making this a unique practice. Only since recent years, the designated name "Light painting" have been used, which the same art applies to our practice.

Here the definition of the word "photography" is followed to the letter: to draw or to write (graphos) with light (photos). Looking at how cars’ headlights leave their bright imprints on images, these movements of light are captured by our technical devices and rendered in the best of ways.

Who's Lightgraff ?

In between two projects, Guillaume J. Plisson develops a personal, intimate work, which flourishes in his studio as well as all over the globe, involving his questioning, and exploration on shape. With free rein over his illuminated, photographic art and narrative experimentations.

Fascinated by images since his childhood, Guillaume was trained at the CFJ (Training Center for Journalists) in Paris. His career began as a press photographer, allowing him to satisfy his curiosity and his thirst for understanding the world. But the weight of words, sometimes felt as a burden, led him to develop a more personal work. For the past ten years, he has devoted most of his time to a research on the ephemeral that combines light and image, entitled: Lightgraff.

In 2007, Guillaume publishes his first book and the first dedicated to Light painting: "Lightgraff", published by Graff-it, of which he is co-author, with the artist Rézine. Guillaume introduced this practice to many artists and set up the first public performances: Nuit Blanche 2007 in Paris (Gobelins, the school of image), Fête des Lumières 2008 in Lyon (Place Bellecour). From these accomplishments one after another, giving rise to exhibitions, performances, shows, commercials...

Throughout the projects, this research unifies artists and technicians from different disciplines: photographers, audio-visual directors, editors, cameramen, light designers, musicians, composers, sound designers, computer technicians... allowing evermore ambitious achievements.
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